Heidi paths in Maienfeld

Follow Heidi and Peter's lead and discover the original scene of the world-famous novel character on foot in the holiday region of Heidiland.
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Hiking Trail · Heidiland
Hike from Heididorf to Heidialp
recommended route Difficulty moderate closed
Distance 8.8 km
Duration 3:00 h
Ascent 453 m
Descent 452 m

From the original Heidi village above Maienfeld, a hike leads up towards Ochsenberg, better known as Heidialp. An alpine hut like from the Heidi ...

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Nature Trail · Heidiland
Heidi path
recommended route Difficulty easy closed
Distance 6.5 km
Duration 1:55 h
Ascent 216 m
Descent 216 m

On the footsteps of little Heidi through Maienfeld in Heidiland.

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